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My Music

I hear the music... in my head, and the lyrics reflect the story and the intuitive moments of my life as I've experienced the highs and the lows. The music, I imagined had to have elements of smooth acid jazz, flavours of funk, and a little sassy reggae that the kids could still be around.


I decided I would let the songs evolve and have their own character. I endeavoured to go against the tide of perfectionism and the expectation that only younger woman could be in the music industry. My new album 'Wise Woman' is a collection of songs that reflect my natural instincts as a woman. It's a fusion of funk, soul pop, acid jazz and a splash of reggae. Every instrument has been played in live by talented musicians to give it an organic feel. It's a revelation of different shades of wisdom that I have been nurtured in by my best friends and those that truly love me.

Annie xx

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Proudly supporting Heart Kids


Annie's music was recorded live at Underfoot Records. Annie has been supported and nurtured by a loyal and very cool group of fabulous musicians who would otherwise be enjoying life with the rich and famous. They however, chose to spend the last three years making this music with Annie.

Our music team humbly ask that you purchase Wise Woman album during Release Week (we will let you know via email) to collectively trigger Wise Woman onto the charts. 

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