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10 Things Wise Women Do.

Updated: May 10, 2020

Wise women are truly formed by their experiences as well as their powerful mentors. The day we begin to consciously self love through the realities we face, is the day our wisdom begins to unfold. Here are 10 ways to spot your Wise Woman:

1. She welcomes a deep unknowing and allows truth to bubble to the surface.

2. She listens twice, speaks once and makes you feel her connection.

3. She knows when to walk away and when to stay.

4. She recognises her authority and uses it for good.

5. She asks a question rather than gives an answer.

6. She articulates her boundaries and suspends judgement.

7. She is ok with failing and takes personal responsibility.

8. She leads you to see the horizon rather than the shoreline.

9. She allows the space to grieve where vulnerability turns into real strength.

10. She carries a quiet optimism and believes that 'all will be well.'

Wise Woman was a song that bubbled to the surface literally as I hummed the tune. It's a song about claiming the wisdom we already have- that feeling of finally arriving!!! We can enjoy our ability to be wise and this song reminded me to trust in my life. I am a woman, wife, mother, sister and friend and I hope this song also moves you to remember your own wisdom and love. Celebrate her, The Wise Woman in you.

Annie Higgins xx

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