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Newcastle based indie artist Annie Higgins is a musician, songwriter, vocal coach and mum of four. Her music career evolved as she taught vocals, worked and collaborated with session musicians in the heart of Crows Nest's busy music hub and became driven to write and produce something which brings people to a newfound sense of hope. Her lyrics reveal a fun-loving, sassy nature combined with a taste for cutting edge feminine spirituality. Annie has faced many personal challenges and her music reflects her support for women making brave choices, juggling work, kids, lives and identities and still rising to new heights each day. Now signed with label Underfoot Records her album, Wise Woman will be distributed by MGM bringing a 12 track fusion of funk, reggae, acid jazz and soul to lift your mood and bring a cool vibe to gatherings. Annie also plays keys and also co-writes with Luke Gerber from the band Mel Blue.  




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Newcastle  Australia

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