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Matrescence... The new buzz word for Motherhood and daring greatly

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

On the way to school pick up I often throw on a podcast and the other day I found a fabulous podcast of women talking about this new buzz word 'Matrescence.' I screwed up my face in doubt but at the same time I was intrigued because the mum who had been swearing by it said it changed her life (whilst chatting at the pool watching her kids doing swimming lessons.) (Thanks to Crappy to Happy podcast.)

Is there such a word that helps us all make more sense of being a mother? Well when I googled it I got this: "the process of becoming a mother: Those physical, psychological and emotional changes you go through after the birth of your child now have a name: matrescence."

If 'adolescence' has thousands of case studies, articles and books, where are all the helpful insights for coming to terms with motherhood? A child, who then goes through puberty becomes an adult and is never a child again. I found that the more I dug the more this term Matrescence began to expand and explain everything I have gone through or am going through and still, there's more to ponder. The juggle is real and none of us get the balance for most of the time - we are always striving towards it. But the acknowledgement of simply the fact that I was a woman pre-kids, then a women who transitioned with pregnancy and became a woman mother, after having a baby or babies, it was forever. Plan A was my life before kids, Plan B was the 'I just became a mum but somehow I have to be it all, split myself down the middle with career and kids, (play switch hats forever) and Plan C is somehow a new playing field altogether - all that I do comes from my wisdom as being a mother. Freeing it is. Perhaps I can start to think of my life not as compromises and choices between career and kids, but evolution of my choices allowing my mothering wisdom and flare to take flight in all I do. Check out the TED Talk Alexandra Sacks who coined the term here. I like to think as a songwriter I can still evolve as a writer and singer and bring along with me all that I've learnt and be that Wise Woman who relishes in her motherhood as a successful artist. I'd love to hear your comments below and throw on this song as your significant other cooks you dinner tonight!! Cheers, Annie Higgins

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